PlaySight's camera-and-kiosk system is built with state-of-the-art tennis analytics technology that turns any court into a SmartCourt, offering line calling, livestreaming, instant multi-angle video replays and detailed statistics about every shot played.
Each SmartCourt is permanently equipped with an interactive touch-screen kiosk, plus six fully automated HD cameras. The system uses advanced image processing and analytical algorithms to capture and log stroke type, ball trajectory, speed and spin, in-depth shot data, player movement and more.
PlaySight can turn any mundane tennis drill into a real-world video game challenge!
PlaySight is approved by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) as a Player Analysis Technology and is approved for use in all ITF-sanctioned tournaments.
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Grigor Dimitrov, a piece of art

Треньорът на Григор Димитров Дани Валверду пред Светослав Иванов ("120 минути с...", BTV)